Il potenziamento della collezione UMCC e per la creazione di una biobanca di microbiomi

> FocusUnimore > numero 30 – ottobre/novembre 2022

The enhancement of the UMCC collection and the creation of a microbiome biobank

SUS-MIRRI.IT, Strengthening the MIRRI Italian Research Infrastructure for Sustainable Bioscience and Bioeconomy, is a project for research, services and training in the field of microbial resources and aims to strengthen the network of Italian biobanks, which represent the main facilities for the study and supply of organisms for basic and applied research and industrial production. The SUS-MIRRI.IT project has 15 partners and is coordinated by the University of Turin. Unimore is one of the founding members of the Joint Research Unit MIRRI-IT, the Italian microbial collections facility dedicated to research and public service provision of microorganisms, mainly viruses, plasmids, bacteria, fungi and microalgae. Through the UMCC – Unimore Microbial Culture Collection – ( located at the Department of Life Sciences (Reggio Emilia campus), it participates in all the activities of the project, which will be supported by funding under the NRRP programme, amounting to over 930,000 euro. Microbiomes represent innovative and frontier tools to address current and future critical issues in agriculture, environment, food production, animal and human health. This project will enable the acquisition of essential tools for the enhancement of the UMCC collection and the creation of a microbiome biobank. Read more: